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We are back at it again!!! ComStar developers are currently working on the next generation of ComTools v3.0 code named, ARES. ComTools Ares fixes a lot of problems with the 32/64 bit compatibility issues that we saw with ComTools v2.0 Apollo in regards to Windows 10's restrictions. While bringing you the same familiar tools, we have some new surprises in store for you. One of those is especially enjoyable for you older heads out there. We brought back ANSI graphics. Remember those days?

What are ComTools?

ComTools v2.0 Apollo

We released ComTools in 2008 for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP as a way for us to help with telephone and internet customer support. since then it has become a widely used toolset devised to help keep your computer running smoothly without the costly repair bills associated with taking your equipment into the shop. With ComTools, you can diagnose and resolve common issues so that you may hopefully avoid bringing your equipment in for service. If ComTools cant resolve your issue, THEN it is time to bring it in. We understand that a downed computer means loss of productivity and that translates into loss of money. Time is money and we want to help keep you up and running so that your company can continue to do what it does best without the inconvience of a downed machine.


ComTools v1.0 - For Windows 98/ME/2k/XP - DOWNLOAD - FREE (If ComTools is flagged as dangerous, Click Here)

ComTools v2.0 Apollo Beta - For Windows Vista/7/8/10 - DOWNLOAD - FREE

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